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A Message from our Chief Executive Officer

Viswanathan’s brand has been built on the legacy created by my father C.Viswanathan's Pillai. We strongly believe that no other single firm can match the scope of Viswanathan's offerings, the range of solutions we provide and the talent, experience and dedication of our people. We deliver true end-to-end expertise, products and solutions across the broad consulting, outsourcing and investments spectrum. Our consultants work with clients to develop solutions that address global and country-specific challenges and opportunities. We are experienced in assisting both major and growing, middle-market companies.

Career Development

Whatever your chosen career path, Viswanathan’s is there to support you every step of the way.

Whether you’re a recent graduate just beginning your career, a senior consultant looking for new and exciting opportunities or a seasoned executive on the leadership track, our world-class learning and development programs provide you and your manager with the education, information and tools you need to progress in your career at Viswanathan’s.

Viswanathan’s stock-in-trade is the intellectual capital generated by our employees, so we place a premium on continuous learning and improvement.

Viswanathan’s learning curriculum includes hundreds of online and in-person seminars, courses, certification programs and training sessions across a variety of disciplines to help you expand your knowledge and develop new and valuable skills.

In addition to our own learning curriculum, Viswanathan’s provides post-graduate training in a number of areas.

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